The Washington New Americans Program is happy to announce a new volunteer opportunity for Volunteer Quality Review Attorneys and Interpreters.

Starting on February 27, we will be partnering with Perkins Coie to host a monthly citizenship clinic. Perkins Coie is the oldest and largest law firm headquartered in the Pacific Northwest and has a total of 19 offices across the United States and Asia. They have partnered with NWIRP for a few years to host monthly DACA clinics, and now they’ll be holding a naturalization clinic with us!  These clinics will be slightly different than our usual clinics – they’ll be held on the third Wednesday evening of every month, and will typically have no more than 5-10 clients. Most clients will need to attend the clinic twice in order to finish their applications. We are looking for experienced immigration attorneys to come out to these clinics and serve as one of our Roving Experts and for Interpreters that will work with a client through the whole clinic.

If you would like more information about our Perkins and Coie Roving Clinics please feel free to email our WNA Integration and Advocacy Manager Rosana Donoso Barredo at